Jamaica Rum Vibes is all about sharing the taste of Jamaican culture, a culture not only known for its popular reggae, dancehall and its flavourful jerk cuisine but also the island’s unique taste of rum.

With a history dating as far back as 1749, the uniqueness of the island’s rum is as a result of its full-bodied strength, pot-still process and the distinctiveness of the island itself which is ideal to grow sugar cane.

In addition to having one of the finest rums, Jamaica has the most rum bars per square mile than any other country. White rum is a key part of the Jamaican culture; be it a celebration or mourning the loss of a loved one, Jamaicans love their white rum…we can safely say that it is the “vibes” of the island.  

When I migrated from Jamaica to live in the UK, I was eager to share the culture of the island with the world, I realised that the option for a refreshing sparkling Jamaican white rum ready to drink cocktail, was not available on the mainstream market. This gave birth Jamaica Rum Vibes , a premium ready to drink cocktail made using a unique blend of white rum spirit from carefully selected distilleries in Jamaica.

Jamaica Rum Vibes ready to drink cocktail contains cane sugar, no artificial sweeteners, colour, flavour or preservatives. It will be available in three flavours; rum and lime, rum and raspberry and rum & ginger, all bursting with the tropical notes of the Jamaican white rum. It’s a perfect choice for any occasion; a house party, a BBQ, a night out with friends, a day at the park or to keep the weekend pumping Jamaican style …yah man

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